EndyMed 3DEEP™

Non-invasive lifting

EndyMed 3DEEP™ treats moderate skin slackening, loss of tone, imprecision of facial contours (cheeks, jowls, oval), on all skin types, all year round and for all ages. Thanks to the ergonomics of the handpieces, this technique is particularly suitable for treating the neck, the perioral, and the periocular area. There is a specific, larger handpiece for treating the body (abdomen, thighs, arms). Endymed treatment requires an average of 6 sessions with an interval of 4 weeks.

There is no need for anaesthesia with this treatment, as it is a completely painless, comfortable, even relaxing procedure. Only a contact gel is applied. Heating is gradual due to the rapid movement of the handpiece over the treated area (the epidermal surface temperature is 40° C, while in-depth it is possible to reach 50 to 60° C). A unique and very judicious use of radiofrequency energy allows the treatment of a large skin volume.

  Face, cleavage, silhouette

  6 sessions – 1x per year

  30 to 40 minutes

    From CHF 135.-

    The result

    The result is a healthy glow effect and a smoothing out of small fine lines around the eyes or around the neckline for example. Sometimes, improvement is visible very early, from the second session, but generally, the results are achieved over the course of treatment.

    You can use Endymed alone if there is only moderate slackening, or as part of a Thermage maintenance session for a more intensive lifting effect.

    For increased self-confidence and well-being allowing you to smile at life!

    EndyMed 3DEEP™ prices

    Endymed oval of the faceCHF 135.-/session
    Endymed eye contour areaCHF 135.-/session
    Endymed body 1 zoneCHF 190.-/session
    Doe eyes (Endymed eyes + face mesotherapy)CHF 195.-/session
    Face glow (Endymed oval + face mesotherapy)CHF 195.-/session
    Dream silhouette (Endymed thighs + anti-cellulite mesotherapy)CHF 273.-/session
    Total beauty (Endymed eyes, oval + face mesotherapy)CHF 291.90/session
    -25% discount for 18-28-year-olds
    Cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions