Face peel

Skinceuticals “glow” effect

This is a lighter version of the medical peel, brightening the entire face beautifully.

It is suitable for younger skins who are looking for a glowing effect, and to all women who want to appear bright and radiant.

Ideal before a party.

Applied as either a lotion or gel on the whole face and neckline, the peel acts in a few minutes, and is then neutralised with the help of a separate solution.

For a fresh look all year round.


  4 sessions per year

  15 minutes

    From CHF 69.-

    The result

    Immediately after the peel, the skin appears radiant, firmer and glowing with good health.

    Looking your best for any party, wedding or just to treat yourself!

    After 3-5 days, sometimes very inconspicuous peeling occurs.

    Peeling Skinceuticals effet “glow” les tarifs

    Face peelPrice
    Skinceuticals Glow-effect peel (1 session)CHF 69.-
    -25% discount for 18-28-year-olds
    Cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions