HydraFacial Super Boost

Hydration and complete skin nutrition

HydraFacial Super Boost is a unique combination of 4 technologies allowing a spectacular improvement in skin quality, noticeable after the first session already. An exclusivity at Clinique Matignon!

Endymed’s radiofrequency helps toning the oval of the face (or the eye area, depending on your needs). The key steps of the HydraFacial care give your skin incomparable health and radiance! Mesotherapy for the entire face for lasting hydration and to unleash the antioxidant power of the vitamin cocktail. Add light therapy to optimize the penetration of the active ingredients and to soothe your skin.

To date, this is the best combination of cutting-edge medical techniques for an effective deceleration of the skin ageing process. Particularly effective when done regularly.


  1 – 6 sessions per year

  60 minutes

    CHF 299.-

    Combination of technologies

    • Radiofrequency collagen stimulation with Endymed treats moderate skin slackening, loss of tone, imprecision of facial contours.
    • Intensive exfoliation with HydraFacial renews your skin’s appearance —deeply cleansing, your skin gains in radiance.
    • Double the hydration thanks to mesotherapy to revitalise the face, hydrate and fill fine lines.
    • Light therapy stimulates fibroblasts, rejuvenating and improving the skin’s texture.

    HydraFacial Super Boost prices

    HydraFacial Super Boost (1 session)CHF 299.-
    HydraFacial Super Boost (3 session)CHF 750.-
    HydraFacial Super Boost (6 session)CHF 1'500.-
    -25% discount for 18-28-year-olds
    Cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions