Face, hands, anti-cellulite and scalp

Originally used for strictly medical purposes, mesotherapy is now used for aesthetic purposes. It aims to revitalize, rehydrate and fill. A mixture of antioxidant vitamins, trace elements, and hyaluronic acid is used as a coating.

Treatment can be done using an anaesthetic cream, but this is usually not necessary. The moisturizing and anti-oxidant mixture is applied using a mini-needle pricking the entire area to be treated.

The session is repeated three times over a first period of 6 weeks, then maintenance sessions are offered 2-4 times a year, depending on the needs. The treatment leaves no traces and can easily be integrated into social and professional life.

  Face, hands, anti-cellulite and scalp

 3 sessions, then 1 session 2-4x per year

  15 to 30 minutes

    From CHF 139.-

    Face mesotherapy

    Mesotherapy consists of placing the anti-ageing active ingredients contained in your daycare products directly into the skin. The skin is rehydrated and will recover firmness and radiance.

    Hand mesotherapy

    This treatment aims to revitalize, rehydrate and fill fine lines. A mixture of antioxidant vitamins, trace elements, and hyaluronic acid is used as a coating on the chosen area.

    Anti-cellulite mesotherapy

    Currently the most effective medical technique for treating “orange peel” skin while actively favouring venous and lymphatic drainage. The treatment is aimed at people who have surface irregularities and who wish to improve the texture of their skin.

    Hair Care mesotherapy

    Hair loss or changes to its quality can be unwelcome. Mesotherapy effectively stimulates hair regrowth and strength. Hair Care is indicated for the treatment of decreased hair density, brittle and dry hair, as well as chronic scalp irritation.

    Mesotherapy prices

    Face mesotherapyCHF 139.-/session
    Anti-cellulite mesotherapyCHF 195.-/session
    Hair Care mesotherapyCHF 195.-/session
    Doe eyes (Endymed eyes + face mesotherapy)CHF 195.-/session
    Face glow (Endymed oval + face mesotherapy)CHF 195.-/session
    Dream silhouette (Endymed thighs + anti-cellulite mesotherapy)CHF 273.-/session
    Radiant skin texture (Peeling + face mesotherapy)CHF 195.-/session
    Total beauty (Endymed eyes, oval + face mesotherapy)CHF 291.90/session
    -25% discount for 18-28-year-olds
    Cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions