Prevention of ageing

This technique will please you!

This concept is tried and proven, based on micro-perforation of the skin. By intense stimulation of the entire cellular metabolism, these repeated micro-traumas cause a cascade of collagen and elastin renewal.

In addition, this unique technology allows treatment to be combined with active ingredients adapted to each individual. The micro-perforations allow for excellent penetration of the serums. Particularly effective for lightening the complexion for example.

One session lasts about 30 minutes. It is generally comfortable, but it is possible to apply an anaesthetic cream to sensitive skins.

  Face, cleavage, hands

  3 sessions per year

  15 to 30 minutes

    From CHF 220.-

    The result

    The technique is ideal for preventing ageing. There is also a tensor effect and a regularization of the complexion on more mature skins. Smokers regain the glow of healthy skin.

    And the effect on acne scars is often spectacular, even if requiring more sessions.

    Slight redness may persist for a few hours after the session. It is possible to use make-up again the next day.

    Microneedling prices

    Face, cleavage, handsPrice
    1 sessionCHF 220.-
    3 sessionsCHF 590.-
    6 sessionsCHF 1'100.-
    -25% discount for 18-28-year-olds
    Cannot be combined with other offers or subscriptions